Which is cheaper when buying a car. Stocks, or flows?

I have of course asked, just in a different way, whether the stocks or the flows are the bigger cost. Intuitively, I suspect it’s the flows. To do this, I will try to represent my argument with some simplified mathematical assumptions. One of the key links here is between electric cars and cars that areContinue reading “Which is cheaper when buying a car. Stocks, or flows?”

Ability to Achieve Starts in the Mind

To begin, I will introduce some terminology for those unfamiliar. The theory in sociology that ascribes external factors to outcomes is called “externalism”, and the ascription of internal factors is “internalism”. The first caveat I will make, is that thinking of externalism and internalism as alternatives could delude us into ignoring the interconnectedness between societyContinue reading “Ability to Achieve Starts in the Mind”