Cicero’s Journal Bibliography

Primary Sources Appianus. The Civil Wars (version Kindle). Translated by John Carter. London: Penguin, 1996.  Cicero, M. Tullius, and C.D. Younge. “Against Cataline” Perseus Project (Tufts University). Accessed November 13, 2021.  Cicero, M. Tullius, and Evelyn Shuckburgh. “Letters.” Perseus Project (Tufts University). Accessed November 13, 2021.  Cicero, M. Tullius, and C.D. Younge. “TheContinue reading “Cicero’s Journal Bibliography”

Cicero’s Journal: Defense Against Cataline’s Conspiracy

Image Source: The senate granted me the authority I needed to sentence Cataline through an emergency provision called the Final Act. Although its wording was ambiguous, it allowed me as Consul to sentence Roman citizens without need of trial. When soldiers began assembling in Etruria, as predicted by the letters, I used the authorityContinue reading “Cicero’s Journal: Defense Against Cataline’s Conspiracy”

Cicero’s Journal: Cataline’s Conspiracy

Image Source: I regret that my orations opposing Cataline were not the final chapter in his history. When I supported legal measures to impose increased penalties for electoral bribery, he took exception, believing that he was the target of these laws and he conceived a plan to assassinate me. I was informed of theContinue reading “Cicero’s Journal: Cataline’s Conspiracy”

Cicero’s Journal: Consular Election

Image Source: It was at this point that Cataline was accused and taken to trial for alleged extortion he had committed while serving as Governor in Africa. It was because of this that he was not allowed to fill one of the vacant Consulships after the two Consul-elects were convicted of bribery. Consequently, heContinue reading “Cicero’s Journal: Consular Election”

Cicero’s Journal: Rivals for Consulship

Image Source:,_2014-_panoramio.jpg After I left office as Praetor, I quickly began designs on campaigning for the Consulship in my year, which was two years later because of a law mandating a minimum two-year gap between Praetorship and Consulship. Quintus helped me with my campaign strategy and composed several essays providing advice as to whoContinue reading “Cicero’s Journal: Rivals for Consulship”

Cicero’s Journal: Childhood

Image Source: I, Marcus Tullius Cicero, am about to tell you, dear reader, the history of my life, beginning with my childhood and education and ending with my failure to defend our Republic from tyranny (more on that later). I will begin with my childhood (and what a good childhood it was). I wasContinue reading “Cicero’s Journal: Childhood”

Making Memes for Self-Expression in Ubuntu

I’m an Ubuntu user (most of the time, although I dabble with Mac OS). I think sometimes it is necessary to express yourself. This can have many material as well as psychological benefits. It also helps to deal with those pesky emotions in a constructive way. I found the following video very helpful. To getContinue reading “Making Memes for Self-Expression in Ubuntu”

Installation of Aux cord on 2007 Honda Accord Sedan

I used some online instructions and adapters from a third-party retailers to install an Aux cord on an 2007 Honda Accord Sedan. This unit did not have an Aux cord built in. The stock-keeping unit I worked with had the 6 CD changer. I couldn’t find another way to do this without disconnecting the CDContinue reading “Installation of Aux cord on 2007 Honda Accord Sedan”

Ability to Achieve Starts in the Mind

To begin, I will introduce some terminology for those unfamiliar. The theory in sociology that ascribes external factors to outcomes is called “externalism”, and the ascription of internal factors is “internalism”. The first caveat I will make, is that thinking of externalism and internalism as alternatives could delude us into ignoring the interconnectedness between societyContinue reading “Ability to Achieve Starts in the Mind”