Installation of Aux cord on 2007 Honda Accord Sedan

I used some online instructions and adapters from a third-party retailers to install an Aux cord on an 2007 Honda Accord Sedan. This unit did not have an Aux cord built in.

The stock-keeping unit I worked with had the 6 CD changer. I couldn’t find another way to do this without disconnecting the CD player, however, the FM/AM and XM radio modules are still functioning. It appears my SKU is slightly different from the one in the tutorials, but it’s similar enough to sort of intuit what you need to do.

I’ll break it down into discrete steps. My hope is that this will work as a curated set of instructions for anyone attempting to do something similar. Remember your car model and audio system may be slightly different.

What you will need

  • *Something to remove an 8mm bolt with (e.g. socket wrench or socket screwdriver)
  • Phillips screwdriver (PH2 and PH5 heads)
  • Xacto blade (in case you run into some annoying kind of zip tie or duct tape)
  • Aux adapter (something like this)
  • Y-harness adapter (something like this)

*the bolt in my car had a Phillips head, but I recommend using either a socket wrench or screwdriver so you don’t damage your tools or the car’s entertainment system. You still need the Phillips heads for some of the other screws you will encounter

The aux adapter I used was just a spare part I had lying around, and is different from the one I linked above, but it’s fundamentally the same. You get the idea. My adapter had an Aux wire, and it had a USB 3 type A wire interface. (Not to be confused with USB 3 type C.

1. Dismantle the center console (as documented in the video)

2. Increase the size of the slits in the central console main compartment

I used a metal file for this. I found this wikihow guide to be pretty helpful. I only needed to take off a little bit of stock. If you have the Aux adapter on hand, it isn’t hard to see how much material you need to take off.

3. Connect the cables/adapters

The plastic blocks (white, green, blue) are used to make sure the right wires connect to the right wires.

Disconnect the speakers and audio system (should be a white block of wires), and then reconnect them using the y-harness. The y-harness gives you an additional block of wires to connect to your Aux adapter.

4. Once you have your speakers, audio system, and aux adapter connected in the fashion described above, put the radio back in

Remember to reinsert the bolts and screws as they were in before.

5. Unlock theft protection on radio (see video)

After you put all of the center console components back in, it’s time for the final step of unlocking the theft protection on the audio system. The video below explains how to do this efficiently

I hope this guide is helpful. As always, all feedback (including thoughtful critique) is appreciated.

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